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The Ultimate VIP Experience

When you visit zoos, you can always enjoy a day as a member of the general public, or you can take part in what zoos likes to sell as VIP Experiences, or Animal Encounters.

Having done a number of the experiences available in the UK, I decided to try and make sure people were getting great value for money from some experiences and arranging deals with Zoos to book days where I can have a group of people doing their experiences, or in other cases, allow me to arrange my own set up days at their zoos and bring my guests for an amazing day out.

The experiences done with Zoo Trips can range from a small VIP encounter with one or two animals to a Premium VIP Day, which will include many experiences across the day. Then you have our top tier days, which I call Ultimate VIP Days. These are often Private Tours including many encounters with key animals at the zoo in question, and in some cases, it would involve the zoo being closed to the public for the day.

Membership to the club comes with a number of perks, and you get a  discount of at least 10% on VIP Days we arrange and sell. 

Joining The VIP Club - What's Included?

  • Official Zoo Trips VIP Membership Card

  • Official Zoo Trips Zoo Goody Bag

  • 10% minimum discount on VIP Days purchased with Zoo Trips (Based on retail price)

  • Access to the Zoo Trips VIP WhatsApp Group

  • Exclusive Zoo Trips VIP Newsletter

  • Opportunity To Join Zoo Trips on a number of social days in 2024 (Charged at £25 per person)

  • The chance to join Zoo Trips on spare VIP Days between now and the end of 2024

  • Weekly Members Wheel Access For Zoo Souvenirs & Events

  • Premium VIP Day with Zoo Trips in 2024

Access to the VIP Club until the end of 2024 costs £149.00 per person

Terms & Conditions

When you sign up to the Zoo Trips VIP Club, you have until the end of 2024 to use your Premium VIP Day, if it is not used by the end of this period, the vouchers expire.

Not all events are run by Zoo Trips, whilst some of the days are hosted by us, and agreed with the zoos in question, a number of our days are block bookings for VIP events the Zoo already offers, therefore you may need to sign a disclaimer with the zoo when doing the experience.

All VIP Club days will have a member of Zoo Trips staff on them. 

Zoo Trips are not responsible for you in getting to the venue. Those without access to their own transport, can sometimes be assisted, by a lift from a local train station, but it is down to the member to make their own arrangement to get to the zoo on time.

At some collections, photos may not be allowed to be taken at certain areas of the zoo, and at other zoos, some animals or areas are private and any photos should not be uploaded on to the social media. You are responsible to follow these instructions and Zoo Trips will assist the collection with any breaches of this by any of our guests.

You must be over the age of 14 to attend a Zoo Trips VIP Day, Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and within the age limit allowed at that collection.

Examples Of VIP Days

Zoo Trips is proud to offer bespoke VIP days at Linton Zoo, Exmoor Zoo, Get To Know Animals, BCA Zoo, Wolds Wildlife Park, Woburn Safari Park and Dartmoor Zoo. We also arrange VIP days in agreement with many zoos for ourselves and our guests using experiences already offered by the zoos at Howletts Wild Animal Park, Port Lympne Reserve, Cedars Nature Centre, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Hoo Zoo & Dinosaur Park, Rodbaston Animal Zone, Heythrop Zoological Gardens, Northumberland Zoo, Chew Valley Animal Park, Colchester Zoo, Longleat Safari Park, West Midlands Safari Park, Wild Zoological & Dudley Zoo. We remain in talks with other collections about hosting days or booking days with them for our groups.

For the full list of VIP Days offered by Zoo Trips and categories they fall into, please email Christopher on who will be happy to send you the full list. 

If you would like to join our VIP Club, or find out more details, please email or contact Christopher on 07555629701

Membership for 2024 is capped at 100 people, and there are currently 64 spaces as of 14/02/24 

Zoo Trips - VIP Club

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