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A Touch Of VIP For Anyone's Budget

VIP experiences are becoming more and more popular in the zoo industry. Whether its an encounter with your favourite animal or a keeper for a day experience, zoos up and down the country offer a range of experiences aimed to suit the regular animal lover, all the way to the zoo enthusiast who wants to learn more about the weird and unusual.
Here at Zoo Trips we have teamed up with a number of zoos in the UK to offer something different. Zoo Trips is proud to offer Zoo Days, which are a bespoke planned VIP day at a zoo which comes with its very own host from Zoo Trips and brings you closer to the animals you want to see, whilst working on a budget that suits you. 
But that's not all, new in 2023 are member days. We have planned days at zoos when closed to the general public, to offer the regular zoo visitor something a little bit more special. They will get closer to the animals, experience hand and scatter feeds, whilst being part of a hosted small group allowing you a more personalised feel to a day at the zoo. 
All the Zoo Days offered by Zoo Trips are 100% exclusive and unable to be purchased via a zoo or through any other company.
Zoo Days start from £40 per person, and can involve days out at Zoos not open to the public, offering a very exclusive opportunity to see collections that normally you wouldn't be able to.

Email for more details or contact me on 07555629701

Terms & Conditions

When you purchase vouchers for a Zoo Trips Event, you have until the end of 2024 to use your vouchers, if they are not used by the end of this period, the vouchers expire.

Not all events are run by Zoo Trips, whilst some of the days are hosted by us, and agreed with the zoos in question, a number of our days are block bookings for VIP events the Zoo already offers, therefore you may need to sign a disclaimer with the zoo when doing the experience.

All VIP Club days will have a member of Zoo Trips staff on them. 

Zoo Trips are not responsible for you in getting to the venue. Those without access to their own transport, can sometimes be assisted, by a lift from a local train station, but it is down to the member to make their own arrangement to get to the zoo on time.

At some collections, photos may not be allowed to be taken at certain areas of the zoo, and at other zoos, some animals or areas are private and any photos should not be uploaded on to the social media. You are responsible to follow these instructions and Zoo Trips will assist the collection with any breaches of this by any of our guests.

You must be over the age of 14 to attend a Zoo Trips VIP Day, Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and within the age limit allowed at that collection.

All bookings are final. We have arrangements in place with a number of zoos and we do not offer a refund policy. Your order is confirmation that your VIP experience is Booked. We then arrange dates for your VIP Experience. We agree to finalise the date of your VIP Experience within 14 Working days, unless the date is already advertised by ourselves. 

Many of our days are offered at a discount, on an offers email. When we do this, all purchases are final, and vouchers are issued to be used in 2024, dates booked during offers or discounts are purchased as final, and can't be exchanged or transferred. No refunds are available for any reason, due to an offer price being taken on VIP Events we have offered as part of a promotion. 

Zoo Trips - Zoo Days


Wolds Wildlife Park - Photography Day
£139.00 Per Person - £125 for VIP Club members
Friday 26th January - 4 Spaces

Join Zoo Trips for an amazing Photography day at Wolds Wildlife Park.

We will take you behind the scenes where you can get to see animals up close and get those amazing shots you want. Working closely with the Keeping staff at Wolds, we will take you to off show areas of the park and allow you to get up close with the animals, some times in the exhibits, so you can benefit from getting those shots you have always wanted.

The experience is done in a group of 10 people, and everyone will get the opportunity of photos and we will provide a cold lunch halfway through the day.

You will get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Big Cats and Carnivores and end the day by feeding a lion.

Woburn Safari Park - VIP Day
£275.00 Per Person - £250 for VIP Club members
Saturday 30th March 2024 - 3 Spaces

Join Zoo Trips for an amazing VIP day out at Woburn Safari Park. 
Our day will consist of meeting a number of animals at the Safari Park, where will have a Carnivore Tour feeding the Lions, before close up views of other carnivores on the section. 
After a short break, we will head our on a Hoofstock tour, with encounters with Giraffe, and Rhinos and up close views of other animals.
After our second safari, we will have another break, before we finish the day with a secret Close Up Experience!
The day will end around 3pm, and we can stay at the park and look at anything we haven't seen up until closing time. You can pay by Paypal below, or if you email me at and pay by bank transfer, 


Encounters May Include: Lions, Rhino, Up Close Ranger Tour including Carnivore section, Monkeys on roof feeding! Camels, Bongo, Meerkats, Giraffe and Elephants. Schedule can change based on animal behaviours and weather.


Jimmy' Farm - Corporate VIP Day
£139 Per Person (Special Voucher Price). This event will likely be £250 per person when fully launched, early bird Vouchers available.
Dates To Be Confirmed in due course. 10 Left

Join Zoo Trips for an incredible Corporate VIP day at Jimmy's Farm, near Ipswich.

We are currently in the process of finalising days for 2024, which we are looking to run four days in March, May, July and September, and we are offering a small number of specially subsidised vouchers at £139.00.
When the event goes on general sale with dates confirmed, it is likely to be priced around £250.00

The day will include, food and refreshments, guided tour of the park with a few animal encounters, enrichment activities for the animals and access to our own private room for 6-8 people. 

Those who book vouchers will be consulted when we are arranging dates with the park and the voucher is to come on any date we arrange during 2024. This voucher price is very limited, with only a few spots left. 

Customer Feedback

Facebook Reviews

Great Keeper for a Day experience at Exmoor Zoo with Zoo Trips. Got to feed lemurs, red pandas, cheetahs & more. Highlight was cuddling the tapir. Brilliant - highly recommend!

Martin Ryder

The most amazing day with zoo trips at Wolds Wildlife Park being a zoo keeper for the day, highly recommend zoo trips for the amazing package put together, a dream come true...

Katrina Padley

Had such a fabulous time at Banham Zoo for a Leopard Feeding experience. It''s one thing visiting a zoo, a whole different ball game getting up close to the animals and feeding them.

Tracy Dowsing

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