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Latest News From Around The UK

The importance of reliable and up to date news is definitely important, whether it is new exhibits, new arrivals, births or deaths, it can take a lot of time to follow every zoos website or social feeds, so here at Zoo Trips we do our best to pass on the latest news from a number of UK zoos. This format will change in 2023, when I will instead just post each day a synopsis of Zoo News for that day. So each day will have a new post giving any major news from the day before.

Latest News


Chimp Born At Chester

On Friday 10th December, a baby Chimpanzee was born at Chester Zoo to Zee Zee. The new born baby is thought to be a baby boy and is the latest offspring to Zee Zee who had a female baby in 2018 called Stevie. 


Welcome Nessa

On the 30th November 2022, Chester Zoo welcomed a baby Malayan Tapir into the world. Born to Margery, this beautiful baby girl has been named Nessa. At nearly one month old she is starting to be more active and I was delighted to go and see her on the weekend of the 11th and 12th December. 


New Borns At Hamerton

Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire are celebrating the birth of two baby Sumatran White-Bearded Civets. Born in early December, they can be seen in the exhibit near the entrance. Hamerton is the only place in the UK to see Sumatran White-Bearded Civets.

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