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Zoos We Support

We are firm believers in making a difference when you can and supporting projects that sit well with us.

Since 2022 Zoo Trips has built relationships with a number of UK zoos and we are proud to financially support a few of them.

Conservation matters, so when zoos need funding to help with projects to bring in endangered species, Zoo Trips is happy to step up to the plate and support.

Its not just conservation projects we support. We will help charities with donations and also look to work with other zoos to help promote and increase the Zoo Trips brand. 

If you're a Zoo and you think that you have something which Zoo Trips would be interested in getting involved in, feel free to email us at 

Dartmoor Zoological Society 

In August 2022, Zoo Trips met up with the fundraising team at Dartmoor Zoo, having read about their plans to bring in Amur Leopards at the Plymouth Charity. 
Having tried to raise £30,000 by public donations, Dartmoor Zoological Society had hit a bit of a stumbling block with less than £10,000 raised.

Zoo Trips were keen to support such a project and agreed a 12 month agreement with the charity to provide financial support in helping to complete this project.

In October Zoo Trips purchased half a table for the Zoological Societies Gala Dinner and allowed the Zoo to offer the places as part of a Social Media competition. 

A plaque for Zoo Trips will be displayed outside the Amur Leopard exhibit, when the exhibit is complete.


Exmoor Zoo - Red Panda Exhibit

Zoo Trips is the official sponsor of the Red Panda's Pan & Shifumi at Exmoor Zoo.

Helping Exmoor Zoo with a financial donation each month for the period of 2023, Zoo Trips is proud to support the Exmoor Zoo Charity and when it was announced that the Red Panda's from Bristol Zoo would be transferred to Exmoor Zoo as part of the EAZA EEP breeding program, Zoo Trips was keen to sponsor their exhibit.

This agreement was made in November 2022, and Zoo Trips is the official exhibit sponsor for 2023, and a plaque displaying this will be erected in due course. 


Lincolnshire Wildlife Park - Nigel Adoption Packs

When Nigel the Puma at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park needed to have a leg amputated in 2022, the financial outlay for the Lincolnshire charity was huge.

Nigel has made a brilliant recovery from the operation, and his progress continues but for CEO Steve Nicholls, he is always thankful of any support anyone can give.

Christopher from Zoo Trips met up with Steve in November and agreed to provide the sanctuary with 50 Puma Plush Toys to go in the charities Adoption Packs and also purchased 2 of the packs for Zoo Trips.

One of these packs was given away as part of Zoo Trips advent calendar competitions in December 2022, but we are delighted that over 40 of these packs have been purchased, and therefore the Plush Toys we have donated are going to good homes supporting the Lincolnshire based sanctuary. 

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